Whoa! You’ve made a monster, don’t change a thing! – David Lindley – trying out my first guitar, a Dreadnought

It’s the one guitar that makes it on the bus. – Gregory Alan Isakov – PL1

I cannot stop picking this up and playing. Reminds me why I love acoustic guitars. The sound, the vibe and the feel put me in a trance. Obviously made with care down to the last detail. – Sean Hayes – PL1

Your guitars are the perfect combination of modern and traditional. Absolutely dig what you are doing. – Justin Johnson – PL1

My Wide Sky has notable playability, especially for a 12-string! And the sound is just huge, a balanced bottom and a throaty top end. – Nat Keefe, Hot Buttered Rum – 000 12 String

Congratulations, the axe is splendid. Many thanks. Looking forward to the new pieces. – Larry Bell – 000 12 String, Larry has a collection of over 100 12 strings and has two more WSG 12s on order

The world of handmade boutique acoustic guitars is rife with glossy, ornamental OM and dreadnought models, which is precisely why we love Patch Rubin’s refreshing pivot to revive the forgotten beauty of Gibson’s century-old L-1 design. From his New Mexico workshop, he takes custom orders for his PL1, treating them with gorgeous finishes and a true craftsman’s attention to detail. And they sound fantastic. Our only complaint is that he only has two hands. – Reverb – from their blog article “9 Reverb Sellers Still Making It By Hand”

I like it more and more every time I play it! You did a seriously amazing job! – Josh Osmond (F.O.H. Sound for The Lumineers, John Legend) – Dreadnought

I am absolutely loving the guitar. The shape of the neck and the action is amazing. It responds to light strumming and a hard pick attack with ease. It’s also very ascetically pleasing. I can’t stop looking at it. Thank you so much again for making me this beautiful instrument. – Tim W – PL1

I’m having trouble putting The Bear away, which is good for my soul and bad for my clients. I’m finding a touch with a flatpick that creates a wonderful, round, balanced sound, and it could be the easiest playing 12 in history. – Matt Wright (Sound Advice) – 000 12 String

I’ve played a lot of guitars. Rented the best for recording sessions, yada da. Rented from Andy Brauer’s in L.A., back when Patch was setting up those beauties. It’s hard to explain what’s going on. I just love them. Never even thought I’d have two acoustics. These things play like you’d want a guitar to. The intonation is spot on. – Walt Berry – 000 & PL1

I have to tell you that your guitar is great!! I will be using it much more than my National Toreador and other slide rigs. You simply nailed it. Congrats. – Mike H – PL1

The guitars I use all must have dynamics. Not just volume, but be able to change character depending on how they are touched. My PL-1 has a very warm tone when given a soft attack, and becomes punchy with more effort. This guitar has more of this level of responsiveness than any of the others in my collection. – Paul D – PL1

I spent some quality time with the OOO-12 this weekend and it is a fantastic guitar!  Great tone and projection and the most playable 12-string I have ever owned or played.  I am ecstatic about the instrument – beautiful to look at, quality in every respect, and a sweet, powerful voice.  Thanks so much!! – Jim V – 000 12 String & PL1

The PL1 arrived safely and it is fantastic!  What a beautiful guitar in every respect – amazing looks and great playability and resonance.  It is a blast to play and stunning to look at.  I am very, very pleased!! Thanks so much. – Jim V – PL1 & 000 12 String

It’s great!  I basically spent all of yesterday playing it.   I didn’t even clean up the bubble wrap before I started!  I really like the way the neck feels on it.  It seems to be less stiff than on my other guitars. That’s not exactly the right way to describe it, but it is a pleasure to play.  And the sound is really nice too.  It has a bigger than I expected sound, considering its small size. – Courtney K – PL1

I really like it – great vintage vibe, and it sounds so good too. It has that hollow sound that’s typical of floating bridge guitars and that I’ve heard with flat top mandolinettos. Really nice sound and it’ll only get better. – Steve G – PL1

It looks gorgeous and sounds nice. After a quick round, I like your neck profile a lot, too. – Brett D – PL1

When finger picking melodies, every note sings with a certain sweetness I just cannot get out of any of my other guitars. Despite being a smaller parlor size, low notes punch through with clarity. My PL1 is my absolute favorite. – Tony S – PL1

I love the guitar! Looks and sounds great. – Kerry H – PL1

I’m really loving the new guitar and have been enjoying being able to move up and down the frets so much more easily than with any of my previous guitars. And the warm, rich sound is amazing–the small hole at the top makes such a difference! – Janet L – 00

I love my guitar bro.  It’s really fantastic.  I’ve been playing finger style blues on it non-stop.  I’m really in love with it.  You do a great job. – Anthony P – PL1

Beautiful guitar! It has a great vibe. Just what I was looking for. – Joey E – PL1

My 12 String Parlor is a true thing of beauty, both visually and sonically. From the binding to the rosette to the headstock to the French polish to the ammonite inlays, the level of detail is outstanding. The gem-like quality of the acoustics is delightful and continues to develop. – Will M – Parlor 12 String

“Once in awhile you get shone the light!” My 000 Rosewood Adirondack top masterpiece is the first thing I reach for every night when I get home. Listening to her blossom with each strum has been a great joy! – Todd G – 000

If you ‘re lucky enough to play one, you’ll be very pleased at the projection, evenness of sound across the fretboard, ease of playability and fullness of tone. My guitar is just getting better as it gets older. – Neil S – P185