This is a replica build of the 100 year old Gibson L1. I’ve been obsessed with this guitar for quite some time, it’s sound and look are such a throw back to the early blues era. In the only known photo of the Godfather of the Blues, Robert Johnson, he is holding an L1. Jack White has said his 1915 L1 is his favorite guitar. The Gibson L1 is an iconic, great old guitar, now hard to find and even harder to find in good shape. They were originally made with a carved top, a trapeze tailpiece, and a baseball bat style neck. I’ve braced this version and given it a 15′ top radius, compared to the “normal” 28′ radius to give it more of an arch top look. I’ve carved a much thinner, more playable neck, and also made a deeper body—similar to the “Nick Lucas Special” era of Gibson—for a bigger and fuller sound that is often missing from small bodied guitars. This guitar has a great old twang and will immediately transport you back in time and make you want to try all your blues licks, but is also a great finger picking and strumming guitar.


“I cannot stop picking this guitar up and playing. Reminds me why I love acoustic guitars. The sound, the vibe, and the feel put me in a trance. Obviously made with care down to the last detail. Thank you Wide Sky!” – Sean Hayes

Scroll down for tech specs.



Top Wood: Western Red Cedar
Back and Side woods: Sapele
Body Length: 19-1/4″
Total Length: 39-3/8″
Upper Bout Width: 10″
Lower Bout Width: 13-1/2″
Waist: 7-7/8″
Body Depth: 4-1/4″
Width at Bone Nut: 1-11/16″
2-1/4″ String Spacing on Ebony Bridge
Mahogany Neck
Ebony Bound FretBoard
Black Pearl Fret Markers and Side Dots
19 Frets, Neck Joins the Body at the 13th
Removable Black Maple Pick Guard
Aged Nickel Trapeze Tailpiece
Golden Age Restoration Tuners
Hand rubbed Oil Finish
Custom TKL Hardshell Case


Slotted or Solid Headstock
Custom Nut Width
Neck Joins the Body at the 14th Fret


Top Wood: Sinker Red Cedar- $100
Back and Side wood: Figured Sapele- $150
Tobacco, Burgundy or Black Finish- $100
LR Baggs Lyric Acoustic Microphone- $200
Mule Mini Humbucker- $200